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Masterson Session (approx 2 hours) £45
Thermography Session (approx 1 hour) £45
Thermography & Masterson Session £80
Riding lesson (not to take place after Masterson session) £45

Within 5 miles of RG7 4JU no travelling cost. Beyond 5 miles of RG7 4JU 50p per mile No further than 20 miles from RG7 4JU (can recommend a Masterson practitioner closer to you)

NB Please ensure that you have not ridden within 1 hour before a Masterson session as this can mask the horse's responses. It is usual that I will recommend the horse not be ridden the next day (or very very lightly hacked on a long rein). More serious problems may cause me to suggest a longer break from work.

It is best that the horse is immediately turned out after the session or if this is not possible then walked in hand. It is best that the session takes place in a stable or a confined space as I will need to "step away" from the horse in order that he release. If a stable is not possible then I will need to bring a long line/rope. Outdoors in the rain is not an option!!

It is vital that I am informed of any medical issues with the horse and if it is under veterinary care. You should inform the vet before my visit in order that veterinary approval be given. As many back problems are caused by ill-fitting saddles, please have your tack available during the session. Many problems are caused by tack, dentistry or farriery issues so check you are up-to-date with all these before calling me! Please remember - my skill is as a qualified Masterson Method Practitioner - to show and release tension in the horse's body.