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What to get your horse or horsey girl, boyfriend for a special day

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What to get your horse or horsey girl, boyfriend for Xmas

Can't think what you should get for your partner for Xmas? You know it has got to be something for their beloved (who you sneakily suspect may be more important than yourself!) but what to buy the horse/pony that has everything!?! Or are you an owner and want to repay all that love and generosity your horse, pony has shown all year?

Classical Equitation

Why not pamper your horse for Christmas and give him a Masterson Method treatment. Show your love and gratitude by letting me release all that stored tension and any resulting pain from his noble body. We all know how wonderful a massage feels - imagine giving this much pleasure to your horse! And as an added bonus you'll know just what exercises to use in your schooling to help stretch out those affected muscles. Sore muscles/tension can cause knocked down poles and lower dressage points. Help your/your partners horse compete at a higher level by giving the real pleasure! Plus solve the old age problem of "what shall I give him/her for Xmas?


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