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I have worked in the equine industry for the past 35 years, working in the early years as a competition groom (on Olympic eventing and Grand Prix dressage yards); on hunt and trekking centres and then as a freelance classical riding instructor for 15 years.

Early in my career I became concerned by the training methods of some of the high level competitors and among the grass root "standard" trainers. 'On the bit' and outline has become the instant priority rather than slow methodical muscular training of the whole body. Force has become the norm rather than "yoga" for horses. Nowadays we see horses old before their time and the need for regular treatment such as Masterson Method.

Training under a student of the Classical Master Nuno Oliveira, I began my route along the 'slow path' This has been wonderful preparation for the patience required to become a Masterson Practitioner. The horse releases tension in Horse Time - abandon your watches if you sit in on a Masterson session!

I came to Masterson simply because a friend (now a Practitioner) said I had to!! Initially, upon viewing videos and seeing the book, I was deeply sceptical. It all looked rather airy-fairy and I could not see beyond a person laying a finger on the horse. "What a waste of money I thought" How wrong could I be? Hundreds of sessions later and so many improved horses - the facts (and the horses) speak for themselves. From horses with long term back problems cured in 3 sessions to horses previously unable to canter right, now doing so easily - the list goes on.

Whilst my priority (and financial need) is no longer to instruct, I am happy to help any rider who is having schooling/riding problems. As these are normally caused by a physical problem (frequently being hidden by the horse - they are prey animals who hide their problems away from predators) I like to do a Masterson session on the first or second session to exclude pain.